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Friday, May 05, 2006

Commentary pp 32-36

The first Friday update!

P 32 (top and middle of p.11)

I don't remember how long these pages took, but I can tell I put in a lot of crazy detail. Particularly in the pictures on the wall. Heehee, I also did a framed cut-out newspaper article, like you see sometimes in diners (the photographs are just random dots and lines with some grainy filter. It could be about aliens, though! Could be!).

One of the Pocket Paperback books there is "Texperanto in 5 days" by Rex May. The hard-to-see title on the red book is "Methusela's Children".

P 33 (bottom of P. 11)

"You can get anything you want..."

Yah. I remember, I was humming/singing that song the whole time I was coloring these pages.

AWwww, Meir wants a coke. Adorable.

P 34 (Top P 12)

I guess Maclolm's having his tea iced. BTW, coloring clear glass filled with liquid is annoyingly difficult, but I couldn't see a way around it. I'll probably get the hang of it eventually.

It looks like the condiments are parmasan cheese and pepper flakes... or maybe powdered creamer (although that's usually in a pour-spout thingy... the creamer in front of JB?). Or did JB get the tea (the little pot in front of him), and Malcom got another coke? I don't know!

"Gee, boys, Little Orphan Annie's in an AWFUL JAM!"
... aww, Meir. Adorable.

P 35 (mid P 12)

I must say I am pretty pleased with how this first panel turned out. I took some of the background from an earlier frame (actually a couple different spots), blurred and adjusted brightness/contrast. Kind of gives a depth to the scene, sets off Alice nicely. Those biscuits look tasty.

The comics page- I did attempt to color them, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to get that old-fashioned comic page look, and it looks alright in black and white. Anyway, in case you can't make out the little words:

Sam'N'Davy - the only words written out are "yo'" somethingsomething something "NATCHERLY!" blah blah blah something "CAINT". So don't feel like you're missing out, lol.

Little Orphan Aynie (yep.)- somethingsomethingsomething "LEAPIN' LOOTERS!" ...but in the first draft it was "LEAPIN' ALTRUISTS!"... which drove me crazy, because it... it doesn't work, does it? I didn't speak up about it (directly- I did bring it up to Rylla in chat, though), I was too shy, but I'm glad it got changed. "Leapin' looters" follows the alliterative scheme of Leapin' things (Like Leapin' Lizards). I suppose "Leapin' altruists" would've been characteristic of little Aynie, but it's hard to alliterate anything with "Altruists".

More food eating. Can you believe I actually did a Google Image search on "Posole" to see what color it should be?

P 36 (bottom P 12)

An ad for Arm-A-Dillo!

"How could you tell the difference?"

Oh, Meir, you cheeky boy.

Half a canteloupe filled with whipped cream? ... is that each? Somehow I find that hillarious.

Well! That's it for this week. Tune in Friday, when exciting bills get paid. Will they have mint-flavored toothpicks? You'll have to wait and see! (I know what happens but I'm not telling!)


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